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Digital Product Passport Solution

Digital Product Passport (DPP) 

Capture the ESG data you need - cradle to cradle - to prove your product’s impact, meet regulatory compliance, and engage stakeholders in your sustainability efforts.

Demonstrate your product’s impact, cradle-to-cradle

BanQu’s Digital Product Passport Solution helps companies track the impact of their product’s lifecycle by collecting compliance, ESG/Scope 3, and supply chain data cradle-to-cradle.

Capture lifecycle data, from distribution to end-of-life disposal

Our patented blockchain-based solution is built to help you simply and effectively collect supply chain and sustainability data throughout your product’s entire lifecycle.

Cradle-to-cradle traceability

Gain a 360-degree view of your product lifecycle from raw material sourcing to manufacturing to distribution — even after mass balance and transformations

Flexible integrations & interoperability

Seamlessly integrate with any existing ERP, inventory management, or other legacy systems to streamline your data tools in the most scalable way.

GDPR-compliant, secure data

Rest easy with completely GDPR-compliant, tamper-proof data capture protected by blockchain technology.

QR code packaging engagement

Easily create machine-readable DPPs (e.g., QR code or NFC tag) that smoothly operate with your necessary back-office systems.

Multi-solve your procurement, sustainability, and compliance pain points, with BanQu

Before BanQu Digital Product Passport Solution

Juggling multiple tools and systems to capture lifecycle data required for regulatory compliance and supply chain resilience.

Struggling to balance budget, bandwidth, and collaboration across sustainability, compliance, and supply chain departments.

Difficulty engaging stakeholders - including consumers - in sustainability efforts in a way that’s both meaningful and transparent.

After BanQu Digital Product Passport Solution

Streamline &  simplify the way you capture and report on ESG and recycled material data (e.g., percentage of recycled vs virgin materials, recycling information for proper disposal, material durability etc.), so you can focus on strategy and action.

Easily track multiple pieces of data for single or multiple products and value chains, cradle-to-cradle, including supply chain, sustainability (ESG & Scope 3), certification, and compliance measures.

Leverage the data you capture to power a Digital Product Passport, including but not limited to a QR code on product packaging that can be scanned to view material provenance.

Trusted by leaders in strategic sourcing.

Start tracking your commodities today.