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BanQu helps companies sourcing high-risk commodities to reliably trace & track key data points throughout their value chains to monitor & prove regulatory compliance with enterprise-grade EUDR software.

Streamline Your
EUDR Deforestation-Free Compliance, With BanQu

Track and monitor deforestation with validated source-level data, including geo-coordinates and proof of compliance with local regulations with our EUDR software.
Polygon Input and Validation
Upload or use BanQu to input polygons and validate accuracy
Satellite Integration
Integrate with satellite provider of choice for deforestation checks
Evidence Capture for Local Compliance
Capture evidence to prove compliance with local legal requirements
Alerts and Risk Reports
See alerts for non-compliance and reports for risk mitigation

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Simplify Your Deforestation-Free Journey, with BanQu

BanQu's EUDR-savvy expert teams guide you step-by-step, through each stage of your deforestation-free journey - and beyond.
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Data Validation

Manage and Validate Your Geo-Data, In One Place

If you already have geo-coordinates of your polygons, our team will help clean and upload the data into BanQu.

For companies that are looking for on-the-ground validation, our team is your mobile support unit – traveling to the field when necessary to help ensure your data is reliable.

We can also integrate with your satellite provider of choice to record the deforestation check.
Features composition
Features composition
Tailored Scope

Future-Proof Your Business, Beyond Compliance

With BanQu, you can get so much more than EUDR compliance!

But we understand that no two companies are alike, so we provide options for holistic traceability, including deforestation due diligence, or a standalone EUDR solution to ensure your products are deforestation-free.
Compliance Reporting

Simplify Reporting With Ongoing Expert Assistance

As the EU (and UK) finalizes its processes and systems for compliance, part of our team’s ongoing support will be to ensure seamless reporting whether through exports or API integrations.

All BanQu clients are assigned a customer success manager to ensure continued, tailored support.
Features composition

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How does BanQu assist companies in achieving EU deforestation-free compliance (EUDR)?
  • BanQu provides a comprehensive digital traceability platform that enables companies to effectively track and prove product and material origins and journeys throughout the supply chain, ensuring compliance with EU deforestation-free regulations (EUDR). Through features such as real-time data tracking, blockchain technology, and secure, de-centralized data storage, BanQu allows companies to maintain visibility and transparency across their supply chain, crucial for meeting EUDR requirements and ensuring deforestation-free practices.
What specific features does BanQu offer to support EU deforestation-free compliance efforts?
  • BanQu offers a range of features designed to streamline compliance processes with EU deforestation-free regulations (EUDR). These include digital documentation management systems, automated reporting functionalities, and blockchain-based authentication mechanisms. By leveraging these beneficial features, companies can efficiently monitor product movement, verify authenticity, and maintain accurate records to meet EUDR requirements and uphold deforestation-free standards.
How does BanQu ensure data security and integrity for EU deforestation-free compliance purposes?
  • Data security and integrity are paramount for compliance with EU deforestation-free regulations (EUDR), and BanQu prioritizes these aspects through robust encryption protocols and blockchain technology. By storing supply chain data on a tamper-proof distributed ledger, BanQu ensures that information remains immutable and auditable, reducing the risk of data manipulation or unauthorized access. Additionally, BanQu's platform employs stringent access controls and authentication mechanisms to safeguard sensitive information, enhancing overall compliance efforts and supporting deforestation-free practices.
Can BanQu integrate with existing systems to streamline EU deforestation-free compliance processes?
  • Yes, BanQu is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise systems, including ERP and CRM platforms, to enhance compliance efforts with EU deforestation-free regulations (EUDR). Through API integrations and customizable workflows, BanQu can synchronize supply chain data across multiple systems, eliminating silos and facilitating real-time information sharing. This integration capability enables companies to leverage their existing infrastructure while leveraging BanQu's advanced features for EUDR compliance and supporting deforestation-free initiatives.
How does BanQu support companies in adapting to evolving EU deforestation-free regulations?
  • EU deforestation-free regulations are subject to change, and BanQu understands the importance of adaptability. The platform is continuously updated to align with the latest EUDR requirements, ensuring that companies remain compliant in an ever-changing regulatory landscape. Moreover, BanQu provides proactive alerts and notifications regarding regulatory updates, enabling companies to stay informed and take timely action to maintain compliance with EU deforestation-free standards and promote sustainable, deforestation-free supply chains.
How can BanQu help you comply both with deforestation-free regulations AND local labor laws?
  • BanQu's versatile platform is designed to address multiple facets of supply chain compliance at once, including deforestation-free regulations and local labor laws. By integrating robust features for supply chain traceability and transparency, BanQu enables companies to track the origin of their products and verify compliance with deforestation-free regulations. Additionally, BanQu facilitates adherence to local labor laws by providing mechanisms for monitoring labor practices, ensuring fair treatment of workers, and maintaining documentation to demonstrate compliance. With BanQu, companies can effectively navigate the complexities of both deforestation-free regulations and local labor laws, fostering responsible supply chain practices while meeting regulatory requirements at the same time.
How can BanQu help companies go beyond compliance and enhance their overall supply chain resilience, sustainability, and strategy?
  • BanQu offers more than just compliance solutions; it provides companies with the tools to elevate their supply chain operations to new levels of resilience, sustainability, and strategic advantage. By leveraging BanQu's comprehensive platform, companies can gain deeper insights into their supply chain dynamics, identify potential risks and opportunities, and implement proactive measures to mitigate risks, improve sustainability practices, and optimize their overall supply chain strategy. Whether it's through real-time data analytics, supply chain transparency, or collaboration tools, BanQu empowers companies to build resilient, sustainable, and future-proof supply chains that drive long-term success.