Fibre-forward traceability for sustainable textiles

BanQu helps apparel companies trace their virgin and recycled materials from source to retail, maintaining complete chain of custody to ensure ethical, climate-friendly fashion & textile manufacturing.


Challenges in the apparel & textile manufacturing industry:

Compliance risks

Companies need to ensure that the origin of their materials and ingredients are sourced sustainably and ethically in order to adhere to international regulations and support sustainable textile manufacturing.

ESG risks

To ensure compliance with ESG standards, businesses must demonstrate evidence of responsible practices in their apparel sourcing process.

Proof of quality

Brands and manufacturers struggle to verify the quality and source of their textiles – including how raw materials were grown, collected, milled, or ginned.

Aggregated source data

Spot audits and high-level shipping data are no longer enough to protect companies as they fail to detect source-level issues.

Managing informal sources

A lack of visibility into the informal sector makes it difficult for orgs to manage and improve those supply chain tiers.

Digital Product Passports

Requirements to digitally prove exactly where a garment originates and ends up without greenwashing requires the right data and tools.

Apparel & Textiles

Recommended Solutions

Cotton Field & Sustainable Agriculture


Eliminate compliance and greenwashing risks.

BanQu helps you trace your cotton, wool, and leather to the source, so you know exactly where it originated.

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Validate circularity, recycling, and upcycling claims.

Know exactly where your packaging comes from and ends up, so you can reach and prove your recycling claims (i.e. digital product passports).

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Recycled Clothing
Prove carbon offsets and environmental impact.


Track carbon offsets and environmental impact.

Prove your carbon reduction goals by tracking recycled materials, landfill diversions, regenerative agriculture, and animal welfare practices for the raw materials you source.

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Prove compliant textile sourcing, for people, planet, and audits.

Protect your supply chain and prepare for regulatory due diligence audits and customs requirements through source-to-shelf material traceability (i.e. digital product passports).

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Supply Chain Compliance Solution
Tony Milikin
Tony Milikin
Trusted by industry experts.


BanQu is the leading blockchain software platform when it comes to ethical business and sustainability. I have worked with BanQu for five years because it takes us all the way to our smallholder farmers. True sustainability & ESG starts with our farmers and we want to empower them with a financial identity and provide them with transparency and equality.


Former Chief Supply Chain Officer at Keurig Dr. Pepper

Tony Milikin

Chris Nicolle
Chris Nicolle
Trusted by industry experts.


"The scope and empowerment that BanQu’s platform provides to small holder farmers is exceptional. The transparency and traceability in our value chain of cassava has been a game changer."


Agricultural Manager at Zambian Breweries

Chris Nicolle

David Drew
David Drew
Trusted by industry experts.


The Coca-Cola Foundation maintains a vision of a world without waste, which requires traceable collection and recycling. BanQu’s platform has powered us to improve visibility and transparency at every portion of our supply chain, all the way down to the waste collectors and aggregators.


Sustainability Director at Coca-Cola Africa

David Drew

Ezgi Barcenas
Ezgi Barcenas
Trusted by industry experts.


Thanks to our partnership with BanQu, AB InBev has been able to multi-solve business pain points, from ensuring efficient processes to bettering the livelihood of all contributors to building an ethical brand to maintaining ESG compliance.


Chief Sustainability Officer at AB InBev

Ezgi Barcenas

Experience true traceability.


 BanQu for Apparel & Textiles FAQs

Why BanQu for the Apparel & Textile Industries?
  • BanQu's apparel sourcing and textile manufacturing software can be a valuable asset for companies in the apparel and textile industry. It provides you with access to a range of cost-effective and reliable suppliers, as well as a comprehensive and user-friendly interface for managing your supply chain.
  • Companies can use this textile manufacturing software to quickly and easily compare prices and quality for different suppliers in order to get the best deal.
  • Additionally, this software can be used to manage the entire supply chain from design and production to delivery. This allows you to ensure that you are getting the most efficient and cost-effective production process.
Top Benefits of BanQu for the Apparel & Textile Industries?
  • The software also provides you with an efficient way to source materials, manage inventory, and track production schedules.
  • This allows companies to manage their supply chain and ensure that they are getting the best value for their money.
  • Additionally, the software provides companies with a platform to easily communicate with suppliers, allowing them to negotiate better prices and ensure that the quality of their products is up to standard.
  • All in all, BanQu's apparel sourcing and textile manufacturing software is a great tool for companies in the apparel and textile industry to utilize in order to ensure that they get the best return on their investments.