Compliance PLUS Suite
Data for Certifications

Data for Certifications/Audit Add-on

Industry-agnostic certification data you can trust to prove compliance and stay audit-ready, regardless of regulatory shifts.

Trust your certification data

BanQu’s Data for Certifications/Audit add-on helps you track certification throughout your value chain (e.g. Fair Trade, Higg Index, etc.) so you can streamline and simplify your reporting, even as regulation requirements shift, or new regulations pass that affect your supply and operations.

Stay audit-ready (and stress free)

Our patented, blockchain-based solution is built to make certification tracking and audit preparation simple.

Tier-level data

Capture certification and audit data tied to the location & asset at any tier so your value chain can stay audit-ready despite regulatory shifts. Bonus: Your sustainability marketing teams will love you.

Chain of custody

Maintain complete chain of custody tracing of your materials, even after transformations and transportations, so you can pair final products with the exact plots of land it originated from, and ensure the validity of any sustainability or certification claims.

Flexible integrations

Integrate with satellite imagery, AI tools, or ERP systems to triangulate and streamline your sustainability and certification tracking and claims.

Multi-solve your certification & auditing paintpoints

Before BanQu

Fear of greenwashing sustainability and certification claims

Struggling to stay up-to-date with global regulations & compliance

Complexity of value chains make it difficult to track & report on where your materials originate

After BanQu

Easily capture & report on sustainability certifications to back up your claims

Collect the primary data you need to stay ahead and comply regardless of regulatory shifts

Know exactly where your materials originate to prove provenance while increasing supply chain resilience

Trusted by leaders in strategic sourcing.

Start tracking your commodities today.