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Agriculture Procurement & Sourcing Solution

The Commodity & Agriculture Procurement & Sourcing Solution

Optimize commodity procurement, and agricultural procurement, and prove sustainable sourcing with BanQu.

Meet your agricultural procurement and sustainability demands with ease

BanQu's agricultural procurement and commodity procurement solution provides you with essential supply chain and ESG data across your entire supply chain. This enables you to more effectively meet demands related to supply, quality, and sustainability throughout your agricultural and commodity sourcing processes.

Optimize your supply chain and ESG data to drive your commodity procurement strategy

Elevate your commodity procurement to new heights with our groundbreaking, blockchain-based platform, meticulously engineered from the ground up. It empowers you to track the journey from the very first mile, connecting you to the individual farmer and their land, ensuring transparency at every twist and turn of the supply chain.

Tier-level data

See exactly where your commodities originate down to the geo-located plot of land (polygon), with the option to pair the polygon to a farmer profile,  to prove provenance.

Chain of custody

Maintain complete chain of custody tracing of your commodities, even after co-mingling or mass balance, so you can pair final products with the exact plots of land it originated from.


Integrate with satellite imagery, AI tools, or ERP systems to triangulate and streamline your deforestation monitoring data.

Expert implementation & support

Capture Scope 3 emissions, social impact metrics, and transaction-based data tied to the location & asset at every tier so you can stay audit-ready despite regulatory shifts

Solve multiple challenges in agricultural procurement effectively and responsibly.

Before BanQu Agriculture Procurement & Sourcing Solution

Disjointed supplier management and communication.

Wasting money on overproduction or poorly-produced materials.

Failing to meet production demands.

Messy supplier data (or total lack thereof)  that doesn’t help you communicate ROI or drive procurement strategy.

After BanQu Agriculture Procurement & Sourcing Solution

Collect procurement and sourcing data with ease throughout your entire value chain — in one place.

Tracking inputs to reduce costs and measure ROI.

Gather insights on quality, price, and supply to ensure demand is met.

Build, customize, and generate procurement & sourcing reports to track ROI and drive an agile procurement strategy.

BanQu FAQs

How does BanQu's software integrate with existing agricultural procurement systems?
  • BanQu seamlessly integrates with existing agricultural procurement systems through its flexible, secure API, ensuring smooth data flow and compatibility. Our software is designed to easily connect with various platforms and ERPs enhancing interoperability and streamlining processes so you don’t have worry about managing another piece of tech.
What kind of analytics and reporting capabilities does BanQu's software offer for agricultural procurement?
  • BanQu's software provides robust analytics and reporting tools tailored for agricultural procurement needs. From real-time insights on supplier performance to comprehensive cost analysis, our solution gives users actionable data to optimize revenue-focused decisions and drive efficiency.
How does BanQu ensure data security and privacy for users of its software?
  • At BanQu, safeguarding data security and privacy has been a top priority since the beginning. Our blockchain-based software employs state-of-the-art encryption protocols and stringent (and personalized) access controls to protect sensitive information. We adhere to industry best practices and regulatory standards (GDPR, SSAE 16), ensuring ultimate peace of mind for our users.
What kind of support and training does BanQu provide for users of its software?
  • BanQu is committed to providing exceptional, multilingual support and training for our users. We offer comprehensive onboarding sessions, personalized training modules, and dedicated customer support channels to ensure smooth implementation and continued success.
How can our procurement software help in compliance with regulatory and quality standards in agriculture?
  • BanQu's procurement software is designed to facilitate compliance with regulatory and quality standards in agriculture. From traceability features to automated documentation processes, our solution ensures transparency and accountability throughout the procurement lifecycle - from seed to shelf - helping organizations meet regulatory requirements while upholding quality standards and meeting demand.

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