Insights to drive more resilient, sustainable business.

BanQu is a blockchain-based, traceability SaaS solution that gets you real-time data and reporting throughout your entire value chain - all in one place.



Woman in Field Using Blockchain Platform For Supply Chain

User-friendly design

From the field to the boardroom, our site-level, device-agnostic solutions are designed to meet the technological needs of any user, even in remote environments or on a mobile device.

Real-time source data

Our solutions provide you with the raw, unaggregated real-time data necessary to see your supply in motion,  increase production, and prove sustainability claim.

Blockchain Platform For Supply Chain
Auditable traceability proof

Proof of compliance

Our patented blockchain-based platform ensures all of your data is completely secure while providing auditable transaction records to meet compliance needs.

The Platform

Our platform is the only solution built from the ground up, anticipating the need for unaggregated source-level data to prove any sustainable sourcing goal, while being completely accessible and device agnostic.

BanQu's Blockchain Platform for Supply Chain On A Computer

Create real-time reports at the click of a button

Achieve source-level supply chain visibility and control

Improve the predictability of raw materials supply

Comply with regulations, required certifications, and industry standards

Technical FAQs

What if we already work with legacy systems such as SAP and Oracle? Can we still use BanQu?

Yes, absolutely! Due to the flexibility of BanQu’s platform, we are able to seamlessly integrate with legacy systems such as SAP, Oracle, Accenture, etc.

Does BanQu use cryptocurrency?

Nope! We just use a blockchain-based platform to help data be as protected and real-time as possible. Non-crypto mining is also energy efficient, which minimizes our negative environmental impact. And that's something we feel passionate about!

How is the BanQu platform accessed?

BanQu is a SaaS platform that can be accessed via SMS, USSD, Smartphone, or Laptop.

Does the platform have minimum requirements?

Other than access to SMS or low-grade internet, there are no minimum tech requirements.

How long does BanQu platform implementation and training take?

Our implementation team will work with your stakeholders and team to closely to map out implementation plans. In general, implementation and training take around two weeks depending on your use case.

What does BanQu onboarding entail?

Once a company signs a BanQu contract and tailored project definition plan, our team works closely with yours to determine a launch plan, including but not limited to: implementation, stakeholder management, BETA testing, training, co-marketing, communications, and a go-live launch.

Are there any contractual restrictions when it comes to sharing data from our BanQu platform?

Short answer: Not quite. Long answer: Contractual restrictions between BanQu and any brand will largely be determined by the agreed-upon and signed contract between the two parties. So sharing data and talking about the partnership can vary from partner to partner.

What type of reporting & analytics are available to brands through the BanQu platform?

Due to BanQu’s flexible technology, you can track almost any type of reporting and analytics on metrics that fit your business needs and goals. Most commonly, brands will use BanQu’s info to inform supply chain transparency, efficiency, and equitability or to meet compliance or ESG goals. Examples of the types of analytics tracked on BanQu include carbon accounting/footprint data, social impact data, and poverty alleviation data.

Where should partners go for customer support?

For current partners with support questions, please log into your BanQu account on our platform and select the “Help” button to access our Help Center and support lines.

What kind of customer support does BanQu offer for partners?

BanQu offers our partners support through a Zendesk Help Center. BanQu’s support includes hotfixes, troubleshooting, training, low-level configuration assistance, and general help.

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