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Carbon Offsets & Credits Solution

Carbon Credit Solutions, Carbon Insets & Offsets

Enhance your environmental impact reporting with our carbon credit solutions add-on, designed to provide comprehensive end-to-end supply chain data & reporting. This powerful tool enables businesses to seamlessly track, validate, and report on their carbon offsets and credits, including both carbon insets and carbon offsets. By leveraging this add-on, companies can gain a strategic advantage by demonstrating their commitment to sustainability, potentially reducing operational costs, enhancing their market reputation, and helping them comply with climate regulations.

Carbon Credit, Offset, & Inset Data You Can Trust

BanQu’s Carbon Credit Solution helps companies collect carbon offset and carbon inset data and validate any carbon credits generated throughout their entire supply chain operations.

Reliable Carbon Credit Data To Audit-Proof Your Carbon Claims

Our patented, blockchain-based solution gets you primary, validated carbon offset and credit data tied to your entire value chain, so you can ensure your carbon claims are completely accurate and audit-proof.

Source-level data

Get the tier-level data you need, even past supply chain tiers 3 and 4, to fully capture and report on your carbon offsets & credits to the first/last mile. The primary, audit-proof nature of this data ensures you remain compliant even as carbon regulations or reporting standards may shift.

Flexible integrations

Fully Integrate with your ERP, PLM - and any software your suppliers use -  to streamline and digitize your supply chain, ESG, and carbon data from quality assurance to offsets to living income.

Expert implementation & support

Our expert implementation & support teams have worked with mitigating supply chain emissions and carbon reduction across the globe. These experienced teams are your implementation boots on the ground and ongoing customer success support.

Multi-solve your carbon offsets & credits pain points

Before BanQu Offset & Credit Solution

Lack of supply chain visibility past tiers 3 and 4 makes it impossible to completely account for full carbon impact to the source and risks double-counting.

Struggle to quantify and report carbon emissions according to the latest verified industry standards.

Difficulty balancing both environmental and social measures for a holistic approach to measuring sustainability/ESG impact.

After BanQu Offset & Credit Solution

Full visibility into your carbon footprint tied to every tier of your supply chain - to the first/last mile.

Easily capture quantifiable and reportable carbon emission data according to verified industry standards, end-to-end.

Capture both environmental and social measures to demonstrate both Scope 3 reductions and social impact metrics.

Trusted by leaders in strategic sourcing.

BanQu FAQs

How does BanQu's Carbon Accounting Add-On Enhance Business Operations?
  • BanQu's Carbon Add-On helps capture the source-level carbon data you need throughout your value chain, so you can rest assured that your carbon claims are backed by verifiable data, and that any climate reporting is air tight. The add-on integrates seamlessly into existing operational workflows, enabling businesses to monitor their environmental impact in real-time. Key features include automated data collection, robust analytics for emission insights, and easy generation of compliance reports, all designed to enhance decision-making and sustainability initiatives.
Is BanQu's Carbon Credit Solution Compatible with Existing ERP Systems?
  • Yes, BanQu's carbon credit solution is designed to be compatible with a wide range of existing ERP systems. This compatibility ensures that businesses can integrate carbon management solutions without disrupting existing processes. The add-on uses standard APIs to connect with ERP systems, facilitating smooth data exchange and ensuring that all financial and environmental data remains synchronized.
How Does BanQu Help Companies Comply with International Carbon Credit & Climate Regulations?
  • BanQu's carbon credit solution helps companies adhere to international regulations by powering seamless, reliable data capture so companies can keep up with current and future regultory requirements. Additionally, the software generates detailed reports that meet the requirements of various environmental authorities and carbon registries, simplifying the audit process. Last, but not least, BanQu’s blockchain-based technology is completely GDPR and SSAE-18 compliant, making it a top, secure choice for companies around the globe.

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