Climate PLUS Suite
Green Credits Solution (India)

Green Credits Solution (India)

Track and verify your green credits with source-level data captured throughout your entire value chain.

Measure your business and sustainability impact while earning Green Credits

BanQu’s Green Credits Solution empowers you to unlock unparalleled data and insights into your supply chain, so you can foster sustainable practices, make informed decisions, and reap the business benefits of verified green credits.

Verify your green credits with 
audit-proof, source-level data

BanQu’s Green Credits Solution equips you with the data you need to measure your environmental impact accurately. Our platform helps you reduce carbon footprints, comply with green credit programs, and position your brand as a leader in sustainable practices.

Farmer 360 visibility

Gain a comprehensive view of the individuals who matter most in your supply chain: the farmers — insights into their practices, challenges, and contributions. Promote fair practices, facilitate support, and drive sustainable growth.

Asset 360 visibility

Capture performance metrics of all supply chain assets - whether it's machinery, warehouses, or distribution centers. Optimize asset utilization, reduce downtime, and ensure your resources work as hard as you do.

Sustainability reporting

Leverage comprehensive sustainability reporting capabilities, covering social, environmental, and carbon emissions metrics. Navigate complex sustainability goals, meet regulatory requirements, and showcase your commitment to a better world.

Regional intelligence & statistics

Access regional intelligence and statistics that provide a holistic view of your supply chain ecosystem. Anticipate market trends, navigate geopolitical complexities, and stay one step ahead.

Scope 3 GSG reporting

Simplify your Scope 3 GSG (Global Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas) reporting to help you measure and reduce your entire value chain's carbon emissions. Position yourself as a leader in carbon neutrality and environmental stewardship.

Multi-solve your sustainability, compliance, and supply chain pain points. With BanQu

Before BanQu Green Credits Solution

Lack of provenance into where your materials or ingredients actually originate.

Difficulty keeping track of relevant supply chain and sustainability data with paper-based, error-prone processes.

Struggle to quantify sustainability measures - both social and environmental - in a reliable way to back up claims and verify green credits — without the greenwashing.

After BanQu Green Credits Solution

Complete visibility into where your materials and ingredients originate, including first/last-mile provenance and full chain of custody.

Digitize and collect all relevant supply chain and sustainability data into one place, with the ability to quickly generate personalized reports.

Easily quantify and verify carbon, environmental, and social measures, to effectively back up sustainability claims and verify green credits.

Trusted by leaders in strategic sourcing.

Start tracking your commodities today.