Compliance PLUS Suite
B-BBEE Compliance Solution

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act (B-BBEE)

Track and prove your B-BBEE impact with real-time data and reporting.

Streamline & simplify your B-BBEE compliance

BanQu’s EUDR / Due Diligence Compliance Solution gets you the supply chain data you need to meet, report, and maintain due diligence compliance (e.g. EUDR, UFLPA), even as regulation requirements shift, or new regulations pass that affect your supply and operations.

Boost your B-BBEE compliance score with digitized, source-level data

Our proprietary, blockchain-based solution is built to make due diligence compliance easy.

Tier-level data

See exactly where your commodities originate down to the geo-located plot of land (polygon), with the option to pair the polygon to a farmer profile,  to prove provenance.

Compliance documentation repository

Easily collect and safely store B-BBEE compliance statuses of all suppliers and actors throughout your supply chain.

Enterprise supplier development

Track and report on enterprise supplier development efforts to strengthen your B-BBEE score.

On-the-ground implementation

Getting a handle on the invisible parts of your value chain can be daunting. Our global, localized implementation teams are here to help. We implement for you, connecting all your suppliers to the system.

Real-time reporting

Generate B-BBEE reports and easily share them with stakeholders, shareholders, and B-BBEE auditors to prove your compliance and performance as needed.

Multi-solve your B-BBEE compliance pain points.

Before BanQu B-BBEE Solution

Value chain invisibility makes it difficult to connect & engage with the right suppliers with the right B-BBEE score.

Difficulty building relationships and trust with suppliers to get the information and data needed for full B-BBEE compliance.

Messy compliance documentation & reporting with error-prone, paper based processes make tracking and preparing for B-BBEE reporting a huge lift and headache.

Consistent fear of what non-compliance and a poor B-BBEE score would mean for your business & revenue growth.

After BanQu B-BBEE Solution

Full visibility into your value chain that helps support your Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD), while tracking & monitoring the B-BBEE status of suppliers.

Easily build trust with suppliers with data and info sharing that is completely secure, protected by blockchain, and compliant with GDPR and POPIA requirements.

Digitized and simplified B-BBEE documentation and reporting — all in a single place — to make your annual reporting a breeze.

Peace of mind that you have all the data and tools you need to improve your B-BBEE score and grow your business.

Trusted by leaders in strategic sourcing.

Start tracking your commodities today.