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Optimize your supply chain by capturing essential supply and ESG data, ensuring sustainable and compliant sourcing with our traceability solutions.

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A suite of solutions to

Level-up Your Competitive Advantage

Companies face unprecedented hurdles to business growth across financial, operational, supply chain, compliance, and sustainability pain-points. BanQu is here to help.

Recycling Solution

Trace recyclables and material supply lifecycle for smart circularity.
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Agriculture solution

Agriculture Solution

Secure quality agricultural supply to effectively meet demand, sustainably.
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Traceability Solution

Track commodities across industries for next-level resilience & compliance.
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Drive Better Business strategy

with the utmost reliable data

Drive better Business strategy

Track exactly where your materials originate throughout the chain of custody, and map out your entire supply chain.

Gather the social and environmental metrics needed to ensure impact and back up or validate your sustainability claims.

Power and streamline your compliance reporting - from EUDR/deforestation, to risk mitigation, to supplier scorecards and beyond.

Capture on-the-ground data from the farm or recycler to ensure the utmost quality, efficiency, and sustainability.

360° Supply Chain Visibility

for more resilient business growth

Differentiated features to power-up your supply chain optimization and tracking
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Complete Configurability

For quick deployment and following existing workflows and systems​.
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Role-based permissions, security and optional auditor access.​
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Track & Trace at the Core

Tied ESG, farm-level, or compliance data layers as needed​.
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Distributed Ledger System

Allowing all users to access their own data​, with the utmost protection.
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Complete Interoperability

Open API and CSV up- and download options for easy dataflow from and to all systems.
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Primary Data Collection

Provide non-aggregated, up-to-date data from raw materials and beyond.​
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Web-based Browser

Easy device-agnostic access, also available via mobile.
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Mobile Money 

Securely streamline & digitize payments and incentives.
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Personalized Reporting

Personalized ESG and compliance reports for all compliance needs.

How it Works

BanQu supports and grows with our customers - from scope to data capture, and beyond.


The BanQu team and client have the project kickoff and confirm the scope of work.

The BanQu team advise and assist in communicating the platform and its use to partners.​


The BanQu team customizes the platform to match the client's workflows, assets, and languages.

A sandbox version of the platform is available for client feedback, typically in
2-4 weeks.


The client's iteration of the platform goes "live", typically within 4-8 weeks partners and suppliers are provided direct training from the BanQu team.​

Data capture/Cleanup​

Suppliers input data into the platform or can choose to do a CSV upload of information or a direct integration through BanQu's Open API to avoid double entry.

​BanQu’s expert teams are also available to support data cleanup.

Ongoing support​

Each implementation has an assigned: 
Solutions Architect, Account Manager  and Implementation Specialist to provide ongoing support.

Partners and suppliers will also have access to online tutorials, videos, and guides.​

Frequently Asked Questions

What is supply chain visibility software?
  • Supply chain visibility software is a type of software used you can use to manage and optimize your supply chain operations. It includes a range of tools and features that help companies manage the flow of goods and services from suppliers to customers, such as inventory management, order processing, transportation management, and warehouse management.
What are the top benefits of using supply chain visibility software?
  • One key benefit of using supply chain visibility software for sustainable sourcing is that it can help you track and manage the environmental and social impact of your supply chain operations. For example, our supply chain execution software can help your company identify suppliers who use sustainable practices, track the carbon footprint of their transportation and logistics operations, and monitor compliance with social and environmental regulations.
  • By using supply chain visibility software, your company can improve the efficiency of its supply chain operations, reduce costs, and minimize the environmental and social impact of their operations. This can lead to a range of benefits, such as improved brand reputation, increased customer loyalty, and a more sustainable and resilient supply chain.
Does BanQu Optimize My Supply Chain As Well?
  • BanQu's supply chain optimization software is a game-changer if you're seeking to reduce costs and improve efficiency. By leveraging advanced algorithms and real-time data analysis, our software identifies the most efficient pathways and strategies within the supply chain. It streamlines operations, minimizes logistical delays, and reduces waste, leading to significant cost savings. Furthermore, the software's ability to predict and adapt to market changes enables businesses to make smarter, more economical decisions. This optimization not only enhances operational effectiveness but also leads to substantial financial savings, making it an invaluable tool for any forward-thinking company.