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Mobile Money Integrations

Mobile Money Integrations Add-on

Easily integrate with mobile money and payment platforms so you can ensure secure and reliable supply chain transactions, even in remote areas.

Mobile money integrations made easy.

BanQu’s Mobile Money Integrations Add-on helps you integrate with any mobile money services around the globe so you can easily and securely pay supply chain contributors.

Seamless, secure mobile money integrations.

Our patented, blockchain-based solution is built to keep all data and transactions secure, safe, and equitable.

open API

Integrate seamlessly with the mobile money provider of your choice.

Blockchain-based security

Ensure the utmost protection, equitability, and security with our blockchain-based tech.

Grievance mechanism

Include a grievance mechanism for supply chain actors so any living income or wage discrepancies can be reported and remediated as soon as possible.

Optimize the hidden, remote parts of your supply chain for the utmost resilience and competitive edge.

Before BanQu Regenerative Agriculture Solution

Informal bookkeeping practices at the first/last mile of your supply chain drag down your finances and operations.

Error-prone, paper based processes make risk of fraud and unsecure processes high.

Cash-based payments present a risky challenge in many areas of your supply chain.

After BanQu Regenerative Agriculture Solution

Digitize and streamline payments at the first/last mile of your supply chain to track and optimize financial and operational efficiency.

Easily track and identify fraud or security risks in real time.

Create a safer, more secure system for value chain actors to be paid.

Trusted by leaders in strategic sourcing.

Start tracking your commodities today.