Sustainability PLUS Suite
Regenerative Agriculture Solution

Regenerative Agriculture Add-on

More sustainable farming practices for a better environment, and business.

Farm-level visibility to ensure the utmost regenerative practices and sustainable yield

BanQu’s Regenerative Agriculture Solution gets you the farm-level soil health, crop rotation, invasive species, or carbon sequestration data you need to effectively track, prove, and inform your regenerative agriculture strategy. So you can ensure the utmost sustainable, quality commodities to meet demand.

Real-time insights into crop inventory and regenerative agriculture practices from planting to harvest

Our proprietary, blockchain-based solution helps you capture on-the-ground regenerative agriculture practices, so you can inform your farming strategies while securing quality supply and backing up sustainability claims.

Soil-level insights

Track the data and insights that matter most down to the soil level of where your commodities originate.

Farmer 360

Gain full visibility into who farms your ingredients and track related equitability measures, transactions, and regenerative agriculture training.

Farm-level implemenation

Our global, experienced teams implement for you — connecting your farmers and co-op’s to the system.

Customizable reporting

Our reporting system is completely customizable, allowing you to take all the above data and generate yield, supply, and sustainability reports at the click of a button.

Multi-solve your sustainability and procurement pain points. With BanQu.

Before BanQu Regenerative Agriculture Solution

Little to no farm-level insights into regenerative agriculture effectiveness, soil health & fertility, or carbon capture.

Difficulty balancing environmental, social, and business metrics tied to entire supply chain.

Farming volatility and uncertainty makes it difficult to consistently meet demand with quality, sustainable commodities.

After BanQu Regenerative Agriculture Solution

Clear farm-level visibility and insights to the farm and farmer, whether you want to track soil health & fertility, farmer payments, or carbon sequestration.

Easily track environmental, social, and business metrics tied throughout your entire supply chain — even after mass balance or data aggregation.

Effectively capture and leverage the quality and sustainability data needed to accurately and consistently forecast yields and meet demand.

Trusted by leaders in strategic sourcing.

Start tracking your commodities today.