Do good for people & planet (while driving better business)

We help companies collect & report audit-proof procurement and sustainability data across their value chains — on a single platform. So they can drive smarter, more resilient, and more sustainable business.


The Market Landscape

Markets everywhere are shifting. Juggling business growth, regulatory compliance,  shareholder expectations, and tools/data while staying ahead has never been harder. 

Aligning Internal KPI’s
Recession Risks
Business Growth
GDPR Compliance
Market Shifts
Supply Chain Disruptions
ESG Investor Disclosures
Conscious Consumers
Climate & Reporting Laws
Supply Chain Regulations

Where BanQu Fits

Vendiagram Explaining Where BanQu's Supply Chain Software Fits

BanQu gets you the data needed to stay ahead of market shifts. We help you collect procurement, sustainability, and compliance insights throughout your entire supply chain, on a single platform.

Supply chain & purchasing data

ESG & sustainability insights

Assurance & compliance proof

Ready to drive better business growth?

What Sets BanQu Apart

There are a lot of smart solutions in our global market today to help companies stay ahead, but five main factors differentiate BanQu from the rest.

Flexible, Enterprise-Grade Tech

Primary, Auditable Data

BanQu’s platform helps you capture primary supply chain data, so you can remain audit-ready regardless of future regulatory changes.

Source-Level Visibility

Device-agnostic and completely accessible, even in the remote parts of your supply chain, BanQu gets you visibility down to the source.

Tailored Discovery Process
Expert Guidance & Support

Real-Time Reporting

Track and showcase impact easily to shareholders with customizable ESG and sustainability reporting dashboards, in real-time.

Tamper-Proof Security

Thanks to our proprietary blockchain-based technology, you can rest assured that all of your data is completely GDPR-compliant, and secure.

Tailored Discovery Process
Expert Guidance & Support

Implementation & Support

With our expert, on-the-ground implementation teams, we connect your upstream suppliers for you and provide ongoing user support.

Choosing the Right Solution for Your Business

We know just how overwhelming, and fatiguing, evaluating solutions can be. Here are the top attributes we recommend looking for in a traceability solution.

Data you can trust

The best solutions will be able to get you both primary and secondary data, and ensure the complete integrity of that data. So you can confidently report your impact and compliance.

Expert to guide you

Find a solution that’s tech is as savvy and helpful as its teams. Experts who guide you, implement for you, and grow with you. So you can feel as supported as possible in your journey.

Agility & Scalability

Markets will only continue to shift. Regulations will only increase in strictness. Invest in a solution that is agile and scalable. So you can get the data and insights needed to stay ahead. Always.

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