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Supply Chain Traceability Solution

Supply Chain Traceability Software Solution

Reliable quantitative insights and real-time reporting along your supply chain, down to the source with our supply chain traceability software.

Gain supply chain visibility with our supply chain procurement software

BanQu’s supply chain traceability software helps you get the supply chain data you need, and leverage the supply chain data you have — all in one place. That's supply chain procurement at its finest!

Create a more resilient supply chain — and business

Our proprietary, blockchain-based solution is built to make supply chain traceability a breeze.

Tier-level data

Capture Scope 3 emissions, social impact metrics, and transaction-based data tied to the location & asset at every tier for the most accurate, source-level insights.

Chain of custody

Maintain complete chain of custody tracing of your commodities, even after co-mingling or mass balance, so you can pair final products with the exact plots of land it originated from.


Integrate with satellite imagery, AI tools, or ERP systems to streamline your supply chain, procurement, and ESG data.

Expert implementation & support

Our expert implementation & support teams have worked with supply chains of every commodity and material across the globe. These experienced teams are your implementation boots on the ground and ongoing customer success support.

Multi-solve your supply chain pain points

Before BanQu Supply Chain Traceability Solution

Millions of excel sheets (and error-prone, paper-based processes).

Excessive back-and-forth travel trying to get visibility on your supply.

The scramble to pull and analyze all your supply chain data from multiple sources and platforms in time for end-of-year reports.

Lack of visibility past tiers 1 and 2 expose your supply chain to high risks and costs.

Fear of regulatory noncompliance fines & greenwashing scandals.

After BanQu Supply Chain Traceability Solution

Digitize and streamline your supply chain visibility and tracking.

P​rove compliance with auditable data down to the source​.

Strengthen supply chain resilience through real-time insight​s.

Gain the source-level visibility needed to boost your supply to meet demand and business growth objectives.

And (as needed) show verifiable impact with Scope 3 and ESG reporting.

Trusted by leaders in strategic sourcing.

Start tracking your commodities today.