Sustainability PLUS Suite
Farmer Profile

Farmer Profile Add-on

Capture farmer-level data so you can prove provenance of ingredients while ensuring the utmost sustainable sourcing.

Ensure sustainable farming impact.

BanQu’s Farmer Profile Add-on helps you capture farmer-level data so you can gain on-the-ground insights from agronomy trainings and sustainability practices to deforestation-free verification to the plot of land.

Gain reliable visibility into your first-mile.

Our patented, blockchain-based solution is built to make farm-level visibility simple.

Sustainability reporting

Gain insights into your farmer profile data with our sustainability reporting tool, so you can easily track and report on-the-ground progress while quickly identifying any discrepancies or issues.

Chain of custody

Maintain complete chain of custody tracing of your materials, even after transformations and transportations, so you can pair final products with the exact plots of land and farmer profile it originated.

Flexible integrations

Integrate with satellite imagery, AI tools, or ERP systems to triangulate and streamline your sustainability data tracking and claims.

Optimize your first-mile to financially & operationally take your supply chain resilience to the next level.

Before BanQu Regenerative Agriculture Solution

Lack of visibility at the first-mile, farm, and farmer level

Risk of greenwashing sustainable sourcing claims

Variable ingredient quality, farmer satisfaction, and sustainability practices

After BanQu Regenerative Agriculture Solution

Complete visibility & optimization of first-mile agronomy & sustainability practices

Assurance that sustainable sourcing claims are backed by reliable, primary data

Boost ingredient quality, farmer satisfaction, and sustainable practices

Trusted by leaders in strategic sourcing.

Start tracking your commodities today.