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Extended Producer Responsibility Solution

Extended Producer Responsibility
Add-on For EPR Compliance

At BanQu, our EPR solution helps you track the collection & recycling of post-consumer waste - full circle - to prove your EPR compliance while securing your supply.

Manage waste streams & secure your supply, sustainably

Our EPR Solution enhances your company's EPR compliance by providing visibility into both direct and indirect suppliers, as well as the informal waste sector, enabling effective management of upstream and downstream waste.

Upstream and downstream data for smarter EPR compliance

Our patented blockchain-based EPR solution is built to help you track upstream and downstream data tier-by-tier, even down to the last mile, for simple, proveable EPR compliance.

Full circle waste stream visibility & data

Capture social impact metrics and geo-located waste streams transaction-based data tied to the location & asset at every tier so you can easily track and report on your EPR metrics and recycling footprint.

Incentive payments & confirmations

Gain visibility to the last mile with evidence of payment incentives and confirmations for recyclers to fully audit-proof your compliance and boost the volume of collected materials.

Mobile money integrations

Seamless integrations with digital payment providers for digital cashless transactions reduces risk of holding cash for waste pickers and facilitates smooth service fees for compliance.

Accurate, easy reporting

Quickly and accurately reporting on your EPR compliance with BanQu real-time reporting that takes all the above data you capture and generates it into personalized reports.

Multi-solve your EPR compliance pain points, with BanQu

Before BanQu Extended Producer Responsibility Solution

Struggle to collect accurate data on product lifecycles, materials used, and waste generated.

Lack of visibility into where recyclables and materials originate - especially to tiers one and two.

Stress of keeping up with a changing regulatory landscape to ensure compliance and avoid regulatory fees.

Difficulty balancing resources to acheive sustainability, procurement, and compliance goals.

Challenges working within the informal waste sector where many processes are informal, paper-based, and error-prone.

After BanQu Extended Producer Responsibility Solution

Gather accurate data throughout your entire value chain, including data on product lifecycles, materials used, and waste generated.

Complete visibility into the provenance of your recyclables and materials - down to the last mile, cradle-to-cradle.

Peace of mind knowing you are collecting the data you need in real-time to meet and keep up with the EPR regulatory landscape.

Ability to simply track both sustainability, procurement, and compliance data so you can secure your supply while meeting compliance and monitoring impact.

Seamlessly track cashless transactions to waste pickers for easy volume incentives - so you can meet demand and growth objectives.

Formalize, streamline, and digitize your efforts and impact — even in informal waste sectors.

Trusted by leaders in strategic sourcing.

BanQu FAQs

What sets BanQu's EPR compliance solution apart from others?
  • BanQu's EPR solution distinguishes itself through its comprehensive approach, combining advanced technology with customizable features tailored to meet specific regulatory requirements. Unlike other solutions, BanQu's platform offers the ability to multi-capture and report on data throughout your value chain - from ESG to supply to compliance data - ensuring you’re getting the insights you need to drive more resilient business across the board.
Does BanQu's EPR solution add-on support global operations?
  • Yes, BanQu's EPR solution is designed to support businesses with global operations. Its flexible architecture allows for scalability and localization, enabling compliance with various international regulations while maintaining consistency across multiple regions. BanQu has teams across the globe who are both experienced and familiar with local languages and cultures. Whether your business operates in one country or across borders, BanQu's EPR solution easily can adapt to your needs.
Can BanQu's software integrate with existing systems?
  • Absolutely. BanQu's EPR solution is engineered with interoperability in mind, making integration with existing systems a seamless process. Whether you're using ERP, CRM, or other enterprise software, BanQu's solution can be easily integrated to ensure data continuity and minimize disruptions to your workflow.
How secure is my data with BanQu?
  • BanQu prioritizes data security and privacy, employing robust encryption protocols and stringent access controls to safeguard your information. Our platform is built on a foundation of industry-leading security standards, powered by blockchain, ensuring that your data remains protected against unauthorized access, breaches, and other cyber threats.
What are the key features of BanQu's EPR solution add-on?
  • BanQu's EPR solution add-on offers a range of features designed to simplify compliance management, including real-time reporting, audit trail tracking, automated document generation, and customizable workflows. With these capabilities, businesses can effectively monitor and manage their supply chain, social, and environmental performance, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and sustainability standards, while driving business initiatives forward.

Start tracking your commodities today.