Climate PLUS Suite
Plastic Credits Add-on

Plastic Credits Add-on

Prove the circularity of nature-bound plastics, while empowering waste-collectors.

Better plastic waste management: Meet your plastic waste reduction and plastic neutrality goals

BanQu’s Plastic Credits Solution helps companies get the value chain data needed to track and verify plastic neutrality and credits efforts, while also supporting waste-collectors and recycling infrastructure and capacities.

Cradle-to-cradle data for accounting and crediting of your plastic footprint

Our patented blockchain-based traceability technology captures unaggregated data throughout the entire chain of custody, to ensure that your plastic waste collection and recycling activities are backed by the most reliable data and reporting. So you can enable your recycling infrastructure and capacities while mitigating associated environmental and health risks

Source-level visibility & data

Gain a comprehensive view of the individuals who matter most in your supply chain: the farmers — insights into their practices, challenges, and contributions. Promote fair practices, facilitate support, and drive sustainable growth.

Incentive payments & confirmations

Gain visibility to the last mile with evidence of payment incentives and confirmations for recyclers to fully audit-proof your compliance.

Accurate, easy reporting

Quickly and accurately reporting on your plastic credit initiatives with BanQu real-time reporting that takes all the above data you capture and generates it into personalized reports.

Multi-solve our plastic credits paint points, with BanQu

Before BanQu Plastic Credits Solution

Difficulty tracking and quantifying the data needed to power verifiable plastics credits.

Invisible portions of your last mile value chain makes it nigh impossible to truly understand your plastic footprint and your impact on waste collectors.

Lack of support to waste collectors — e.g., incentive payments and confirmations — to ensure you’re protecting both ecosystems and people.

After BanQu Plastic Credits Solution

Easily track and quantify plastic value chain data — weight, type, quantity, volume, quality — cradle-to-cradle. House the data for easy reporting all in one place.

Gain full visibility to the first/last mile to deeply understand your plastic footprint and social impact measures.

Fully support the waste collectors that power your value chain by tracking incentive payments and confirmations.

Trusted by leaders in strategic sourcing.

Start tracking your commodities today.