Sustainability PLUS Suite
Responsible Sourcing Solution

Responsible Sourcing Add-on

Source the utmost quality ingredients and materials, sustainably.

Know — and prove — where your ingredients and materials originate

BanQu’s supply chain traceability solution helps track and trace your commodities and materials all the way down to the source, so you can get a handle on your supply chain and ensure the utmost quality and sustainably sourced practices.

Responsible sourcing data you can trust to boost supply chain resilience while backing up your sustainability claims

Our patented, blockchain-based solution captures key sustainability and supply chain metrics — quality, quantity, transactions, carbon emissions, living wage, etc. — throughout your chain of custody.

Tier-level data

Capture Scope 3 emissions, social impact metrics, and transaction-based data tied to the location & asset at every tier for the most accurate, source-level insights.

Chain of custody

Maintain complete chain of custody tracing of your commodities, even after co-mingling or mass balance, so you can pair final products with the exact plot of land or landfill it originated from.

Flexible integrations

Integrate with satellite imagery, AI tools, or ERP systems to streamline your supply chain, procurement, and ESG data.

Expert implementation & support

Our expert implementation & support teams have worked with supply chains of every commodity and material across the globe. These experienced teams are your implementation boots on the ground and ongoing customer success support.

Multi-solve your responsible supply chain pain points

Before BanQu Responsible Sourcing Solution

Struggle to balance procurement, supply chain, and sustainability efforts.

Lack of visibility past tiers 3 and 4 make it tricky to prove provenance, sustainability impact, and create strong supply chain resilience.

Difficulty staying on top of moving-target sustainability, compliance, and due diligence regulations

After BanQu Responsible Sourcing Solution

Capture the procurement, supply chain, and sustainability data you need throughout your value chain. House and report it all in one place.

Gain full visibility of your supply chain to the first/last mile to seamlessly prove provenance, track impact, and ensure supply chain resiliency.

Rest easy that the source-level, unaggregated data captured can grow with you — even as regulations update or change.

Trusted by leaders in strategic sourcing.

Start tracking your commodities today.