Sustainability PLUS Suite
Sustainability Reporting Solution

Sustainability Reporting Add-on

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability with customizable sustainability reports powered by supply chain and ESG data — without greenwashing.

A 360-view of your sustainability efforts tied to your entire value chain

BanQu’s Sustainability Reporting Solution helps you capture and report on social, environmental, and carbon emissions metrics. So you can better navigate complex sustainability goals, quickly meet regulatory requirements, and easily showcase your commitment to a better world.

Capture audit-proof sustainability and ESG data throughout your supply chain

Our proprietary, blockchain-based solution simplifies your sustainability data capture without sacrificing the need for reliable, robust primary data to back up your sustainability reports.

Source-level data

Capture Scope 3 emissions, social impact metrics, and transaction-based data tied to the location & asset at the first/last mile for the most accurate, audit-proof insights.

Flexible integrations

Integrate with satellite imagery, AI tools, or ERP systems to streamline your supply chain, procurement, and ESG data.

Expert implementation & support

Our expert implementation & support teams have worked with supply chains of every commodity and material across the globe. These experienced teams are your implementation boots on the ground and ongoing customer success support.

Multi-solve your sustainability data and reporting pain points

Before BanQu Sustainability Reporting Solution

Fear of regulatory noncompliance fines & greenwashing scandals.

Difficulty capturing and reporting on sustainability data in an impactful, transparent way.

Struggle to balance social and environmental impact measures and programs.

After BanQu Sustainability Reporting Solution

P​rove compliance with auditable data down to the source​.

Show verifiable impact with Scope 3 and ESG reporting.

Multi-track social and environmental impact metrics to seamlessly inform strategy.

Trusted by leaders in strategic sourcing.

Start tracking your commodities today.