EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting (CSRD)

The EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting (CSRD) will require companies to disclose risks & opportunities on social and environmental issues. Are you ready?

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What you need to know about CSRD

  • The CSRD will require in-scope companies to report on information regarding their sustainability practices and environmental/social impacts. 
  • In-scope companies include large companies based in the EU with 500+ employees or those with an annual turnover of €150 million or more in the EU. And eventually also include those with more than 250 employees and/or €40 million in turnover and/or €20 million in total assets. 
  • Companies will also have to have their sustainability reports certified by an accredited independent auditor to comply.

How BanQu helps you with CSRD compliance


BanQu helps you capture purchasing, sustainability, and compliance data throughout your supply chains on a single platform, giving you the primary data you need for audit-proof compliance.


Thanks to BanQu’s blockchain-based technology and on-the-ground implementation teams, we help you gain end-to-end visibility on your supply chain practices and environmental/social impacts.


With all of your newfound primary, end-to-end data, BanQu also helps you generate personalized dashboards and reports so you can easily track and report on your corporate sustainability impacts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use BanQu for corporate sustainability reporting?

What sets BanQu apart from other solutions for corporate sustainability reporting is our ability to get you primary data throughout your entire supply chain and feeding that data into a single platform where you can generate customizable ESG and sustainability reports at the click of a button.

How does BanQu help companies with corporate sustainability reporting?

We help our customers with corporate sustainability reporting by defining the data they need to capture and report on, scoping out and mapping their supply chain, implementing BanQu with their upstream suppliers, and providing ongoing customer and product support beyond initial onboarding to ensure customer success and satisfaction.

My company operations are so complicated, how can BanQu help capture and report on CSRD data if we still need visibility into our social & environmental impact?

Working with BanQu includes project and KPI scoping, supply chain mapping, and on-the-ground implementation — so we’ll help you map past your Tier 2 suppliers and have our implementation teams get your upstream all connected to the BanQu system. You will also have a customer success manager assigned to your account to help ensure you’re continually benefitting from BanQu even beyond initial implementation.

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