January 4, 2023
January 7, 2023
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CNN International Commercial

CNN International Commercial features BanQu in Forward, Better

CNN International Commercial features BanQu in Forward, Better

CNN International Commercial contextualizes Fujitsu Uvance’s values on sustainability in a new podcast series, ‘Forward, Better,’ which features several industry pioneers and their solutions-oriented approach to business transformation. 

Hosted by presenter and author Dr. Hannah Fry, the first in the series features Ashish Gadnis, Co-Founder and CEO of BanQu. Together they explore how brands can align their sustainability and business practices one step at a time.  

With BanQu, brands can prove compliant sourcing with verifiable, source-level visibility, strengthen supply chain resilience through source-to-shelf tracking, and track impact with quantitative ESG insights & reporting all on one platform. 

“Technology is not the real game-changer, it’s the responsibility of brands in taking supply chain verification seriously. A lot of companies will make social commitments and pledges, but at the end of the day the simple question is, ‘Can you prove it?’ Blockchain technology is not this high-tech thing that everyone needs a smartphone in hand to use. We’ve taken out all the barriers, so the real barrier is for brands to take their responsibility seriously as leaders and take on the good fight.” - Ashish Gadnis

Listen to the full episode here. 

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