July 27, 2023
July 28, 2023
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Ardagh Glass Packaging–South Africa

money4glass: Ardagh Glass Packaging-South Africa & BanQu Partnership

money4glass: Ardagh Glass Packaging-South Africa & BanQu Partnership

money4glass is an initiative brought to you by Ardagh Glass Packaging–South Africa aimed at driving growth in glass recycling using BanQu technology.

The easy-to-use, web-based BanQu platform will make the processes in the glass recycling value chain more transparent, efficient and equitable.

Ardagh Glass Packaging–South Africa (formerly Consol Glass) is working with various partners to implement money4glass.

  • BanQu is the technology partner providing the software platform where the transactions will be done. The platform will track and trace all cullet (recycled glass) trades within the company’s supply chain in South Africa.
  • kasiCASH is the financial partner enabling cashless payment solutions for the transactions that takes place on BanQu within the money4glass initiative.
  • The Glass Recycling Company (TGRC) is the producer responsibility organisation (PRO) for glass packaging in South Africa. On behalf of TGRC, Ardagh Glass Packaging pays a monthly incentive fee to waste pickers who are registered on BanQu, which is then refunded to the company by the TGRC. The TGRC also covers the cost of the transport subsidy paid to Level 1 glass recyclers.
Why did Ardagh Glass Packaging choose to use BanQu?

Currently, BanQu is the only solution that satisfies Ardagh’s requirements to collate data for the EPR plan and B-BBEE audits.

What are the benefits to Ardagh of using BanQu as part of the money4glass initiative?
  • Real-time reporting and tracking across multiple buying or processing sites.
  • Enables management of supply chain party data in compliance with POPIA.
  • Increases sustainability and BEE procurement scores.
What are the benefits to glass recycling vendors of being registered on the BanQu platform as part of the money4glass initiative?
  • Improved communication and trust between formal and informal glass recyclers and between buyers and sellers at different levels.
  • Transact anywhere, anytime on any internet connected device.
  • Enables instant cashless transactions to reduced risk around cash and payments.
  • Enables easy and safe cashless payment of subsidies and other incentives for qualifying recyclers where relevant.
  • Allows seamless transactions and sharing of data with third parties on a trusted platform without compromising data security.
  • Enables electronic records and bookkeeping to replace paper or manual systems.
  • Being part of a growing network of recycling enterprises could open up opportunities for business growth.
How does BanQu help to drive EPR objectives?
  • It allows identification of traders, a better understanding of the footprint of cullet recycling activity and monitoring of the volumes of cullet traded in the different regions.
  • Allows incentives/payments to be passed to the recycler at the start of the recycling process while bypassing middlemen who may not be passing incentives down the chain.
  • Empowers downstream recycling value chain players through visibility and increased bankability.
  • Enables enterprise development and visibility to base of the pyramid and other micro-enterprises.
  • Strengthens and increases efficiencies of waste collection networks, including the base of the pyramid collectors.
  • Enables waste producers to include others in their EPR compliance schemes and programmes.

Read the full partnership announcement by Ardagh Glass Packaging–South Africa here.

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