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Chat with our CEO, Ashish Gadnis, and Chief of Staff, Katelyn Thacker, to determine what supply, compliance, climate, and sourcing risks you should prioritize to better protect your inventory, compliance (i.e. EUDR, EPR), and company growth (even in case of a recession).

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What Can I Expect?


30-45 minute risk assessment with an expert to walk you through our proprietary risk assessment. Your time is precious!


We pride ourselves on “your success, is our success.” The risk assessment and conversation will be completely centered around your needs, goals, and risks.


While we always love to partner with stellar companies, this risk assessment offering is completely complimentary and commitment-free.

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Who will conduct the assessment?

Ashish Gadnis, Co-founder & CEO of BanQu

Katelyn Thacker, Chief of Staff at BanQu

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